What Will President Obama Be Remembered For?


I remember when President Obama first got elected in November 2008. I remember it too well. I remember asking, “how can a guy with so little experience in pretty much everything, get elected President of the United States?” I remember seeing the media drool over their unproven, untested, and unworthy choice. I remember thinking, “surely, when all the hype dies down, everyone will see this guy for who he really is: a decent human being who can speak and inspire, but can’t lead.”

His first term was awfully long for anyone who shared my point of view. Obamacare was passed, with little to no attention paid to scandals like the “Cornhusker kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase”.  The “Fast & Furious” scandal came and went faster than you can say “hope and change”, with no penalty. Solyndra and other green companies supported by President Obama’s administration failed with little mention. And to top it all off the economic recovery (if you could call it one) was awful and the public debt soared as President Bush continued to take the blame. President Obama’s reward for that first term? Reelection.

All hope was lost. We had four more years of the most nontransparent transparent administration ever. I started to hear chants in my mind of the media repeating, “greatest president ever, greatest president ever, greatest president ever…”. He was compared to Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Reagan.

But then something changed. The cogs that formed the perfect Obamanation began to fray a bit. The magic that held the media in his grasp and supporters mindlessly drinking the Kool-Aid faded. He got carried away in his arrogance. His administration was caught in a cover-up/strategic decision debacle of Benghazi, where four Americans (including an Ambassador) were killed with the requested support being denied.

His IRS was caught targeting his political enemies. When pressed, they lied about it not coming from Washington as some of the leaders pleaded the 5th. His Attorney General illegally approved wire tapping a Fox News reporter and dozens of AP reporters and then lied about it under oath to Congress. And then there was the NSA collection of data, HHS Sec. extorting donations fraudulently, Dept. of State under aged prostitute scandal, and a long list of other scandals.

Americans are noticing. Approval and trust ratings are plummeting. Olympus is falling. I think it’s safe to say President Obama will no longer be a candidate for Mt. Rushmore.

So what will he be remembered for? Obviously he will be remembered for being the first black President and a great inspiration, and both honors rightfully so. He’s earned that much. But his legacy will be that of scandal and failure. In a time when the country needed leadership to drag us out of the economic, social, and foreign pit that we were in, he wasn’t the right guy to do it.

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